Announcing MercurialKitty's the in-it-for-the-long-haul Knitting Giveaway!


I always said to myself that I’d do a giveaway when I gained >100 followers, so here it is!

Choose your gift from a selection of Sherlock fandom knitted hat patterns.

I will knit your selection and post my progress in this blog. You’ll have to be in it for the long haul, as I am not the…

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Don’t ever ask me what the hell I was thinking ‘cause I don’t know either.

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I was just planning on making a Valentine’s Day card for my friend and I got a little carried away, so here are all my Arthur Shappey Valentines. Happy Valentine’s Day!

My new favorite post.

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Oh god, this is everything we ever wanted.

That’s our John Watson.

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My Anna cosplay!

I took advantage of spending a weekend in the middle of nowhere to take some lovely shots (well. my friend took these lovely shots) of my costume in the snow! It was so much fun :D

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That’s right, Wear Sherlock, sponsored by Cream Supplies, have ten pairs of glass Academy 500ml Graduated Cylinders up for grabs, the exact brand seen in The Sign of Three

Each winner will receive a pair of cylinders so you can live it up with a friend down your local, like Sherlock and John*. There are two ways to enter, via Twitter (which will have five winners) or Tumblr (also five winners) and you can certainly enter both for an extra chance to win! You must be following Wear Sherlock (on either site) to take part.

  • To enter via Twitter, RT [this] tweet

  • To enter via Tumblr, fill out [this] form (only once)

Ten winners will be chosen on 17 Jan, 2014
OPEN WORLDWIDE [Terms and Conditions]

If you don’t fancy your chances you can buy a cylinder for the amazing price of £3.52 / $5.80 here, at Cream Supplies.

* Please drink responsibly, or you may end up compromising the integrity of the crime scene

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Why I like Sharaz Jek


(Mod says: Trigger warning? Not sure. This character draws a lot of his depth and terror from his obsession with Peri’s beauty. The implications could be horrible, if Fivey weren’t there to protect her. By the way, Fivey is dying.)

Sharaz Jek is the villain from “the Caves of Androzani.” Well, I…

I agree with this in every way. :)

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One of the things I’m really pleased about that this production does is give fans a chance to come onto the set. A lot of stuff with the Make-A-Wish Foundation. And there was a woman in a wheelchair who came in and she was made up as a Hobbit and she was – you know, she could barely move. And she communicated, I think, through – I’m not sure if it was through blinking.

(…) But it is important because it’s important to them.

Oh my gosh! I know her! Her name is Mel, and I met her for the first time at the Borders bookstore where I used to work. She came in one day and started talking to me about Lord of the Rings because I had a picture of Pippin in my badge.  She was so nice and it was so awesome to have a long conversation with her about something I loved so much. I was still young and really shy, so it was just a nice conversation.

She told me about her LOTR group she was with, and that they got together at Dragon*con every year, so I saw her later that year there and said hi. I ran into her a few years in a row there. Then a few years later I saw her in a wheelchair and learned she had ALS. Ever since then I saw her degenerate little by little each time I saw her at D*C. 

I am SO thrilled that she got to go to New Zealand and got to meet this cast. I am really tearing up just thinking about it. 

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Beautiful The Little Prince illustrations by Kim Min Ji. 

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The Art of Deduction 

This jumper allows me to take 221 B Baker St with me wherever I go. The skulls do attract attention, though. 

Merino, cashmere and silk. Knit in the round*, with fair isle yoke and sleeve motifs (look for the secret embroidered message of ennui on the back of the yoke!):

The Wallpaper Had It Coming (modified from this short float version) 

221 B skulls (my original design here)

*I improvised the design as I went along, but I was inspired by ‘The Life Aquatic’ from the book Stitch’n’Bitch Superstar Knitting. I can make-up/share the yoke and sleeve patterns with you - message me if you’re interested.

Here’s my previous wearable knit!lock designs: Knitting is boring and The Game Is On (with free ravelry pattern!)

EDIT: You’ve asked for them, so here are the patterns for the yoke and the sleeves:

The yoke pattern. Wallpaper designs in 12-stitch repeat; skull design in 10-stitch repeat. Red dots indicate decrease rows.


The sleeve pattern. Wallpaper design in 12-stitch repeat. Increase at beginning and end of round as indicated.

Please like or reblog if using. Do message me if you have any questions.  And thank you for all your lovely messages!


I can’t knit, but dang, this is awesome.

SO making this!

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